Managing Directors appointed
Managing directors were decided for the public sector undertaking under the department of Industries.
Kerala State Mineral development Corporation – Ranjithlal P
Kerala Automobiles Limited – Rajeev.V.S.
Kerala State Textile Corporation Limited – Sukumar Arunachalam
Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited – Pradeepkumar.P.
Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation – Srikumar Nair
Travancore Cochin Chemicals limited – Rajeev Ramakrishnan

Relaxation in criteria
Relaxation of tender criteria was sanctioned for the Vellayani bridge, which connects Thiruvananthapuram-Poonkulam-Kakkamoola roads.

The four deputy collector (Regional Land Board Chairman) posts, which were formed as supernumerary posts in the Revenue Department will be created temporarily for two years.

An accountant post will be temporarily created in the Kerala State Homeopathic Cooperative Pharmacy Limited (HOMCO).
Pay Revision in Oushadhi
Pay revision will be sanctioned to the permanent employees of The Pharmaceutical Corporation (IM) Kerala Limited (Oushadhi), except General Workers, with effect from 01/07/2019.

Small scale hydroelectric project
The appeal submitted by the Director of Energy Management Center to sanction the Lower Vattappara small scale hydroelectric project in Palakkayam village, to the Palakkad District panchayat was approved, subject to conditions.