The first cabinet meeting of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government led by Pinarayi Vijayan was held after the swearing-in ceremony on 20-05-2021. The meeting made some important decisions concerning various sectors. It is the crucial first step towards the realisation of the programmes and the promises given in the election manifesto.

Eradication of extreme poverty is one of the major goals of this government. LSGD has been entrusted with the task of conducting a detailed survey and to submit recommendations regarding the implementation of a programme to alleviate extreme poverty. The programme will come into effect on 15 Aug 2021.

Acknowledging the right to housing, the previous LDF Govt. helmed by Pinarayi Vijayan had implemented LIFE Mission. At the same time, people are losing their houses because of foreclosure. The government will enact a strong law against it. A committee consisting of ACS Finance, ACS Planning and a legal expert has been asked to submit a report on the same by 15 July.

Our society’s liberation cannot be achieved without the liberation of women, who are more than half of our population. Therefore, in the election manifesto LDF had proposed a welfare scheme for housewives as well as a Smart Kitchen programme to ease their domestic workload. The Chief Secretary, Secretaries of LSDG and WCD have been given the responsibility to develop the Smart Kitchen programme that will commence on 15 Aug 2021, India’s independence day.

K-DISC has prepared a blue print on providing employment to 20L graduates. This will be examined and a decision will be made by 15 July on making job opportunities available to our youngsters and women.

A massive programme that ensures online access to Govt. services will be implemented. A committee consisting of IT Secretary and IT experts will finalise it. From 2 Oct 2021, all Govt. services can be accessed online by the public.

Governance will be made more efficient and transparent in Kerala by expanding E-Office and E-File. A global tender will be invited to implement this, which will be completed by 30 September.

A single window system to address complaints with regard to setting up of industries in the State. A special Act will be enacted to constitute Grievance Redressal Committee. A committee has been directed to examine the draft.