Out of the 100 acres of land identified for APJ Abdul Kalam University of Technology, it has been decided to acquire 50 acres of land for government/government-controlled institutions which work in technology development projects like Trust Research Parks. This will be done under the name of the University using KIFFB funding. Rest of the 50 acres will be used for the development works of the University.

It has been decided to pay commission dues to ration traders for distributing food kits through ration shops. Rs.4,26,45,895 will be allotted at the rate of Rs.5 per kit for distributing 85,29,179 kits through ration shops in the month of May 2021.

The Cabinet decided to give recommendations to the Governor for granting early release of 33 prisoners who were found eligible for special remission of sentence in the light of the 75th anniversary of Independence.

It has been decided to transfer the post of one Armed Police Inspector from KAP 5th Battalion to X Cell Unit of Police Headquarters.

Also the Cabinet decided to discontinue the post of Cinema Operator and instead create a Civil Police Officer post in the X Cell Unit of the Police Headquarters.

Also decided to abolish the technical category posts of Mason PC (Thiruvananthapuram City), Roneo Operator (Police Headquarters) and Draftsman Electrical (Telecommunication Headquarters).