A Value Added Agriculture Mission will be formed
The Cabinet meeting decided to set up Value Added Agriculture Mission. The objective is to increase farmers’ income, agricultural productivity, product storage, product prices, income from value addition activities and other ancillary income.

The Governing Body will be constituted by Chief Minister as Chairperson, Agriculture Minister and Industry Minister as Vice Chairpersons and Ministers of Local Self-Government, Cooperation, Finance, Water Resources, Animal Welfare, Fisheries, Power and Food as members. Sub-working groups/resource support groups will be formed to submit sub-action plans before the Value Added Agriculture Mission on issues like agro-industry and technology, knowledge sharing and capacity building, marketing and finance. A coordinator will be appointed to coordinate the activities of the mission at the state level. An officer from the Department of Agriculture will be appointed as the Chief Operating Officer. sub-working group resource persons will be appointed with the approval of the Department of Agriculture.

Government Pleader
M.K. Jayaprammod will be appointed as Wayanad District Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor.

Transfer of land
80.94 acres of Govt outlying land belonging to Konni Chittar village will be handed over for construction of women and children hospital. Subject to the terms and conditions of the transfer of land between the two service departments, the ownership of the land will be retained by the Revenue Department and the possession will be transferred to the Health and Family Welfare Department.

The service pay conditions will be revised
The service pay conditions of farm workers in the Departments of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development will be revised.

Revision of Pay
It has been decided to implement the 11th salary revision with provisions for the non-academic staff of the Centre for Development Studies.

Continuation will be granted
1012 temporary posts in the Department of Economic Statistics will be allowed to continue from 1.04.2021 to 31.03.2022. This includes 872 posts in Central Plan Division, one post of Deputy Director of Computer Division in State Plan Head and 139 posts in Non-Plan Head.