Kuttanad Development Coordination Council for overall development of Kuttanad
The Kuttanad Development Coordination Council was formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister, with the objective of overall development of Kuttanad through coordinated implementation of projects by various departments under the government of Kerala’s100-days work plan.
A Monitory & Advisory Council and an Implementation & Technical Committee would be formed under the Council. The Kuttanad cell, which is being formed in the Planning department would be the state secretariat of the Council whereas the District Development Commissioner’s office/District Planning Office would be the district secretariat.
While the Chief Minister would act as the Chairman of the Kuttanad Development Coordination Council, the Minister of Agriculture would work as the Vice Chairman and the Additional Secretary-Planning would be the Convenor/Secretary of the Council.
The ministers of Revenue, Food, Water Resources, Electricity, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, Local Self Government and Tourism would be the members of the Council. Secretaries/Directors/Chief Engineers of various departments, representatives of financing organisations, District Panchayat Presidents of Alappuzha, Kottayam & Pathanamthitta and Vice Chancellor of Kerala Agriculture University would be the members of the 40-member council.


  1. The projects under various government agencies in Kuttanad would be brought under one umbrella. Steps will be taken to assess the initiatives of various agencies, ensure that they are mutually beneficial and to avoid repetition of efforts by various agencies.
  2. Coordinated planning and implementation of various projects aimed at overall development of paddy cultivation in Kuttanad
  3. Implementation of integrated water management in Kuttanad
  4. Planning and implementation of comprehensive measures to save the paddy cultivation in Kuttanad from floods
  5. Development and implementation of appropriate calendar for agriculture and farming methods in accordance with untimely rains and floods.
  6. Adoption and implementation of projects to minimise the crop-loss and destruction of infrastructure
  7. Mechanisation of agriculture activities and procurement of the required equipments.

The Council shall meet once in every six months.

12 posts at Koothparambu Special Sub-Jail
It was decided to create 12 new posts for the functioning of Koothparambu Special Sub-Jail. One post each, of Superintendent (Deputy Superintendent), Assistant Superintendent Grade 1, Assistant Superintendent Grade 2, three posts of Deputy Prison Officer and six posts of Assistant Prison Officer are the new posts being created. In addition to this, nine posts from Kannur Special Sub Jail would be shifted to Koothuparambu Sub Jail.

Rs.2 lakhs to the victims of Vadakkanchery bus accident
Two lakhs rupees will be given to the families of the families of the nine people who have lost their lives in the Vadakkanchery bus accident, from the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. This will be in addition to the relief already given to the families of the victims.

Extension of Tenure
The tenure of Dr.Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer, Vizhinjam International Ports Limited will be extended for another two years with effect from 28/02/2022.

Permission to buy cars for judges
Permission was given for buying vehicles to seven principal district judges.

Land for lease to IHRDC
It was decided to give Five acres of land on lease to IHRDC at the rate of Rs. 100/- per Are, for the functioning of Applied Science College at Cheruvanchery, Kannur. The market rate of the 5-acre leased land would be renewed in every five years.