Compensation to those who die due to the bite of honey bees/hornets
Those who die due to the bite or attack of honey bees/hornets will be given compensation, as in the case of the compensation given to those who die due to attack of (within or outside the forest) animals which come under the definition of “wild animals” as per the clause 2(a) of ‘1980 rules for payment of compensation to victims of attack by wild animals’.
The money for this will be borne from the head of account, which is used for giving compensation to the victims of wild animal attacks.

Pay revision
It was decided to implement pay revision to the employees of Kerala Bhasha Institute as per the recommendations of the 11th Pay Commission.

Approval of draft Bill
It was decided to approve the draft Kerala Municipality Amendment) Bill 2022 and the draft Kerala Panchayat Raj (Amendment) Bill 2022.
The Bills are aimed at amending the concerned Acts towards issuing the sanctions for the regularisation of unauthorised constructions, which were started or completed on or before 7th November 2019, as the Kerala Panchayaj Raj, Kerala Municipality Rules 2019, were came into force on 8th November 2019.

It was decided to a approve providing 7 acres of land in Kolathur Village, Kasargode district to Central Warehousing Corporation on lease, for 30 years, at the annual lease rate of 3% of market price for building godown.