Taluk level adalat by Ministers in the Months of April and May
Complaint Redressal Adalats will be organised at various Taluk headquarters in the Month of April and May by ministers as part of the second anniversary celebrations of the government. The adalats will be conducted in the presence of officials from various departments towards resolving complaints received at Taluks and district administrations.
While the responsibility of district level adalats is distributed among ministers, the conduct and organisation of adalats will be the duty of district collectors.
The complaints to be considered in the adalats can be submitted from 1st to 10th April. The public can submit complaints directly to Taluk offices, online or through Akshaya centres. An online facility for this will be prepared.

Subjects under consideration
• Matters related to land (mutation of property, fixing of boundaries, shifting land usage, issues related to unauthorised constructions, issues related to land-grabbing)
• Delay in issuing certificates / licences / refusals
• Revenue recovery – waiver/ loan repayment, extension of repayment schedule
• Protection of wetlands
• Welfare schemes – (LIFE project-house&property related issues, assistance for marriage/education etc)
• Compensation for natural calamities
• Social security pension (release of arrears, sanction of pension)
• Environment pollution/waste processing
• Stray dog menace
• Felling of harmful trees
• Street lights
• Boundary disputes and blockage of roads
• Protection of senior citizens
• Matters related to buildings norms (building number/tax)
• Protection of public water resources and issues related to drinking water
• Availing ration card (APL/BPL) for treatment purposes
• Protection from attack of wild animals/compensation
• Complaints related to application for various scholarships
• Assistance/Compensation available for domestic animals
• Compensation for crop losses
• Procurement of agriculture products, distribution and crop insurance
• Food safety related issues
• Issues related to fishermen
• Unavailability of medicines in hospitals
• Rehabilitation of physically/Intellectually/mentally impaired – financial assistance and pension
• Benefits from various welfare fund boards
• Issues related to endosulfan affected people
• Various schemes to entail benefits to scheduled caste / scheduled tribe communities
• Approval for industrial units

‘Ente Keralam’ exhibition cum sales fair
Ente Keralam 2023 exhibition cum sales fairs will be organised in all districts towards disseminating the accomplishments/people friendly measures taken up by the government. The fairs will be organised from 1st April to 30th May 2023. A state level steering committee will be designated tos approve the ideas for the program and supervise the organisational matters of the fair. District level organising committees will be formed with ministers in charge of each districts as patrons, district collectors as chairman and district information officer as convenor.

It was decided to approve the facilitation council norms 2023 for micro and small enterprises.