Cabinet approval for Safe Kerala project
The cabinet has decided to give comprehensive administrative sanction to the ‘Safe Kerala Project’ designed to reduce road accidents and to stop violation of traffic rules.
The objective is to reduce road accidents and stop violation of traffic rules by strengthening the enforcement activities of Kerala Motor Vehicle Department by utilising modern technologies.
The project will be implemented through KELTRON by utilising Rs.232,25,50,286/- from Kerala Road Safety Authority, subject to the relevant norms.
A ‘Safe Kerala Project’ monitoring committee will be formed with the Additional Transport Commissioner as the head, IT Expert from Kerala State Information Technology Mission and one academician from the department of IT/Computer from Sri Chithira Thirunal College of Engineering, as members.
It was also decided to form a coordination committee to coordinate it, with Chief Secretary as chairman, Transport secretary, Taxes department secretary as well as heads of Police, Excise, Motor Vehicle and GST departments as members.
The Motor Vehicle Department has decided to implement the camera-aided “Fully Automated Traffic Enforcement System” as part of Safe Kerala project to check traffic violations after taking the hardships faced by the general public into consideration due to the obstruction of vehicular traffic for inspections.
The traffic violations will be recorded by using the 726 cameras in the National Highways and State Highways of the state. Among these, 675 cameras will be used to check two wheeler rides without using helmets, travel without using seatbelts and hit & run cases.
Unauthorised parking will be checked by using 25 cameras while 4 fixed cameras will be installed to book over-speeding vehicles besides the 4 vehicle-mounted cameras and 18 cameras capable of detecting red-light violations. Control rooms also will be established in 14 districts.

Extension is sanctioned for the 516 posts in the 38 land acquisition units, which were formed for the purpose of National Highway expansion, for a period of one year from 01/01/2023 onwards.

Land for lease to establish Emerging Technologies Start-up Hub
It was decided to hand over 3 acres of land in the Techno Park phase IV campus on lease basis to Kerala Start-Up Mission to establish ‘Emerging Technologies Start-Up Hub’. The lease will be for a period of 30 years.

Renewal of staff pattern
The staff pattern of Kerala Shipping & Inland Navigation Corporation Limited will be renewed.